Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can't Leave 'Em Alone

I am feeling this song by Ciara feat. Fity - Can't Leave 'Em Alone. It's like I have never heard it before. It is on auto replay. I just love it.

Now, I need to go find me a corporate thug. Wonder what the definition of a corporate thug is? Ok, here is a brief definition:
He is street smart,
He is intelligent,
He can hold down a good job,
He can speak right,
He can hold his own,
He can fight, if it comes to that, to defend me.

Now, if there is a man like that out there, holla at a sista.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Small Still Voice

Listen to the voice. That small still voice, listen to it. It can save you and keep you out of trouble. I know first hand. I am getting the reward or the punishment for not listening and it is nothing but ugly. It will get better though, I am sure about that. I have asked for guidance and direction from Him, on what to do and what to say.

Listen to that voice. It could save your behind.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Couch or Guest Room?

Life is interesting. I was having some conversation with a couple of my friends and it seems we all have different view on this particular subject.

A little background story. I have a house mate or room mate or flat mate, (we’ll call him Yi), whatever it is called at your corner of the world. I did not know him until April 07. He has been living with me since then. I pay for everything, as he just arrived into the country and it takes a while to get all your paper work and stuff done. I do not mind paying for these things, because I will still have them bills, whether he is with me or not.

Now to the question at hand, I have a two-bedroom town home. Yi uses the other room, which is technically supposed to be my guest room. Now, if I have a guest, where should the guest sleep? On the couch in the living room or the guest room (Yi’s room)?

I say, my guest should sleep in the guest room and I will pleasantly tell Yi to move to the couch for the duration of the visit. It also depends on who the guest is and where he/she is coming from. I definitely would not have my friend coming from California, sleep on a couch or an airbed.

A good friend of mine said that is mean. That I am being mean to Yi. That if I don’t want my guest to sleep on a couch, that I should vacate my bed for the guest and go sleep on a couch. Now, the people that know me know very well, I don’t joke with my sleep and definitely love my bed. I am in love with my bed and so, I will definitely not vacate it, especially when there is another bed the guest can use.

So, let me have your opinion. What is the right thing to do?