Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guinea Pig

What’s up people? Long time, I know. I am just a lazy writer o jare. I do have a lot to talk/write about, just a tad lazy. Actually, my friends will argue otherwise, I am very very lazy. Lazy to the point that left to me, I will have a maid. Yes, a maid in the big US of A. Remember o, I am single with no kids and I only work Monday to Friday. 7-4.30pm. Wo, no judge me o jare. At least me, I know what I am, u nko?

Ok, to the real issue at hand. I am sure a lot of us have friends or have heard about someone doing something like calling a girl(guy) that is a friend of their boyfriend or girlfriend and threatening them and all. You know the one girl that your boyfriend is spending time with and you just don’t like her and you want to warn her off him. Ok, so I was thinking, what really goes on in the heads of those girls that do the calling and the ones that are being called. I mean, if a girl calls me to leave her man alone or something like that, I will not even bother exchanging words or give her the time of the day, I’ll just simply hang up, delete the guy's number and that’s the end of it. Now the girl will probably think she won and she scared me off. If only she knows that, that is far from the truth. See the thing here is, I don’t like wahala. I have a pretty great life that I hate, I mean I wholeheartedly hate drama. I will simply stop talking to the said guy, because I hate drama and for a friend of mine to have a girl that will stoop so low to call me and curse me out, then he definitely does not deserve to be called my friend.

Ok, let me give you an example. So last year two of my friends got together. In the beginning life was good, until things started happening. See the guy(J) likes women abi na the other way round. Anyhow, they started having problems. They live in different part of the country and so it was more of a phone relationship and they see once or twice in a month or something like that. One day she(H) got a call from a CG (crazy girl) that was chasing after the guy (according to the story he told me later) and CG was cursing her out and threatening her and stuff. Me, I told her to kuku leave the guy o. See, I have known J for a long time and I did not think he had such people around him. I did not even wait for him to give me an explanation of what happened. Anyways, the girl (H) did not leave him, needless to say, they eventually broke up. Not because of CG but for some other reason. Now, me, I knew they were eventually going to break up. I mean, come on now, how can you stay with someone that sat down, let CG take his phone, found your number, called you, not once or twice, but a lot of time, threaten you right where he is and the most he can say is, I could not do anything to her because I did not want wahala. I mean, is it me or do I just expect too much from the male folks?

Ok , digressing again, not really though. Just building foundation for the real gist. Now, if H had left him then, I am sure CG would have felt like she won and felt good about herself right? And she not leaving, CG probably felt sad or ashamed or humiliated? Because the guy still picked H over her? I mean, people help me here. I am trying to understand these things. So, in order to know for a fact how these girls or guys feel when they call someone to warn them off their girl or guy, I will be your guinea pig. Yes, I will send a mail or call a girl that is dating my ex and threaten her and get back to you on the feedback. Though I don’t know her number. Hmmm, how do I go about that one? Sending a mail is going to leave a paper trail and we know, we don’t want that. And moreover, calling will be more fun, because I can sound very angry and curse her out even better with my Americanized accent. What do you all think?

Seriously though, if you don’t mind sharing with us, could you tell us your experience, either as the caller or the callee. How did you feel? What were you thinking? How did you react? Did you talk it over with the guy/girl involved? I just want to know.

Thanks for reading. I promise not to stay away too long. Ok, I take that promise off. The only thing I can promise is that, I will always be happy and loving my life, no matter the situation. That’s it for now and thanks for stopping by.

Living and loving my life!