Monday, June 1, 2009


Do we really like the truth? Really? Do we like knowing the truth? Or we just say it to make ourselves feel better. We have all heard the saying; the truth will/shall set you free. We also know the truth is usually bitter. So if truth is usually bitter, why would we want to know? I know I do not like bitter food or drinks, even though it might be healthy, I still don’t want to eat or drink it. So why do we like knowing the truth? Or why do we not like knowing the truth?

I believe the truth should be said at all time. Let’s have some examples, so a girl that weighs 175lbs puts on a top two sizes smaller. I mean, she is squeezing herself into this top. Now, she is your friend and she asks, how do I look in this? You know she looks ridiculous in it, do you go ahead and tell her that or you just smile and say, you look great? Now, let us put a new twist to this, this same girl has been trying to lose weight for about a year and you know she has been struggling to lose this weight. She is doing her best, though you think she could do more to lose the weight. Does that change your response? Do you really want to tell her the truth knowing it will hurt her or do you just lie your way out to make her feel good?

Another example, since I have started reading blogs, I have noticed a trend. Actually, it is not just blogging; I have noticed it in a lot of Nigerian forums/blogs. Someone writes something and you the reader strongly think that the person needs a slap on his/her face. You know that if you write the truth about how you feel, you might be labeled a hater. Heck, they might even start saying stuff about you. (I personally know a lot of bloggers and I have heard things). Now, do you just move along and not write a comment or you say, f it, I am going to say my mind. Ok, an example will help here. So I was reading a blog the other time, and this chic lied about something that was life-threatening. I personally did not think it was funny at all. I mean, I was livid like this was happening to me. Now, the first commentor on the blog, thought it was funny. His/her first word on the comment was LOL. Is she laughing because she thinks it is funny that someone just lied about something that could have killed another person or she is laughing because she is scared of speaking the truth? Did the writer write in her blog/diary so others can pat her in the back for a job well done, or she wrote to remind herself never to lie again? Reading the blog, I did not feel any kind of remorse from her. As a matter of fact, I think she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with what she did.

What is happening to our generation? Why is it so difficult to tell the truth? Why is it just so easy to lie? What happened to our conscience? Have we told so many lies, that we don’t even know how to tell the truth anymore? Or have we gotten away with a lot of lies, that we believe we can never be caught?

Here is one of my favorite sayings, if you will not tell me the truth, then don’t tell me at all. I am not a saint, but lying is one sin I find very hard to forgive. I believe you, I believe everything you say, I trust you, until you prove otherwise. I do not go snooping around to catch you in your lie, because I believe that the truth always, always, always come out at the end. You might think you are safe, but if it is something that I need to know and/or something that is life –threatening, then I will always find out.

Living and definitely loving my beautiful life. Won’t have it any other way!