Monday, September 29, 2008

To curse or not to curse?

I am so sorry for not updating. I am lazy, aint nothing new about that. Forgive me.

So, lets talk about the topic. To curse or not to curse? I am a great believer in cursing Nigerian politicians, up to their sixth generations. I refuse to make friends with kids of politicians. I know someone that I will never date. I told him, there is no way in hell I would date him, simply because his dad was/is a politician. I know how many people have rained curses on him. Even me sef, I have. So why on earth will I want to fi ori ko epe (collect curse for my head)?

Someone asked me how that is the politician’s fault. Ok, here is the scenario, as the governor of a state, you decided to steal all the money and put it in your account. You refused to pay civil servants their salaries. Now, a child is brought to the hospital, her parents both work for Ministry of Miserable, they haven’t been paid for six months. The hospital is not fully equipped and it took about 4 hours before they were acknowledged. At this point the child is dead. She died of common stomach ache. Now, who is at fault? The parents for wanting a treatment for their kid? The hospital staffs that were nowhere to be found? Or the governor that decided to better his life and the life of his family alone? If the parents rain curses on the governor and his six generations to come, are they justified? If they say, may the governor never know peace and may all the kids that are their kid’s age, die, are they justified? Probably. When you are in pain, and the pain could have been deviated, if something was done on time, you will definitely feel like cursing any and everybody that could have fixed that problem.

What we sow, we will surely reap. For all the kids that did not go to school, because your dad used the money to send you to school in America; for all the parents that could not afford food, because your mother used their salaries to get a tummy tuck; for all the young men that died from joining bad groups because they couldn’t get a job and have been unemployed for years. For all of these people that all they did was to be unfortunate to be born in Nigeria and your parents caused them agony, may your parents and the next six generations, know agony and may peace never reign in you abode.