Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rich and romantic?

Rich and romantic men

Men, those fine species of God creation! Let’s not lie to ourselves, ladies, we know how we feel when we have the attention of a fine man. Now, fine/handsome/good looking is relative. ‘Nuff said.

Anyone here saw the first episode of this season’s Bachelorette? Wow is all I can say. Never been a fan of white boys/men, but my o my! Those were some good looking men. If I wasn’t so in love with my culture, I will gladly go find me a white boy to date. Maybe date, but definitely not marry jare. I no want wahala.

That said, I have been noticing a new trend, Black/African ladies marrying white men. From my little research (if you can call it that sef), I seem to know more black/African men married to white women. Seems times are changing. I have no beef either way. I think us ladies are beginning to get really comfortable and realize that love can be found anywhere.

I have dated almost all the major races, Asian, Caucasian, Negro, and Hispanic. I have no problem dating outside of my race. As a matter of fact, it helps reaffirm my belief, that only a Nigerian man can be my husband. That said, I can say one thing that we all might have heard or read about over time, white men can/are romantic. I mean, someone practically worshipping you. Come on, who won’t feel on top of the world? It was weird in the beginning, because I do not think I am all that, but after a while, you get used to it. It is just the way they are. That is not to say, there ain’t crazy white men out there. Don’t get me wrong, Nigerian/African men can/are romantic as well. It just feels different. From a white man, it looks like he was born with it, from a black man, it looks like he is learning or trying. It just doesn’t feel the same.

That said, I love me my black men. Nigerian to be precise. No need to be sugarcoating things o jare. I am just too old to be politically correct. If you no like, no read, chikena.

Now there is another set of men that I have not been opportune to date yet. The ultra rich men. And by that, I mean men that actually worked to make their money. Not some governor’s son or some senator or some polithief. I mean, someone that did the work, used his brain, and he is bloody rich. Not a thosandanaire or someone that has to wake up and go to work at a specific time. I am talking about someone that goes to work when he wants to, doesn’t use drugs, and doesn’t throw his money everywhere, a simple, rich guy. I wonder on a scale of romance, where do these kinds of men fall? Are they equally as passionate with their women as they are with their job? Do they excel in relationships as much as they do their work? Do they take pride in their women? Just questions.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, I am sure in five years, I will come back here and be like, what the heck was I thinking writing this.

I had a totally different post in mind, but this just seemed appropriate after watching the bachelorette for the first time.

Like always, living and loving my awesomely delicious life!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Six months...

Wow it's been six months I posted. I have a post in my head. I'll be sure to post it tomorrow. Maybe I can be consistent in blogging. Seriously doubt that.

As always, living and definitely loving!