Monday, March 24, 2008


Question of the day, how do you go about choosing "the one" out of 26?

Answer: You don’t. You just don’t make up your mind. One by one, they’ll leave and hopefully when you are 35 and ready to get married, only one will remain, and that will automatically be “the one”. Just kidding.

I do have 33 guys that can be “the one”. Twenty-six of the guys like me and have made their feelings known. Fourteen are automatically disqualified. Read this post "Too picky or know what I want". Seven guys I do like, five automatically disqualified, once again read this post. ‘Nuff said.

Just got back from a busy weekend. I was the maid of honor/chief bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding. It was a very busy one. More like a family reunion. Fun time. I don’t think I have ever heard my name called so much. Lady B this, Lady B that. Somehow, they all thought I had answers to all the questions.

The bridal party actually stood throughout the church service. I mean, I was standing on 4 inch heel sandal for about an hour and half. Mehn, the thing no easy o. Me? Na boot I dey wear every day o. I am still in pain sef. Don’t get me wrong, I do rock my high heels (which I shouldn’t, considering my height), but not to stay in one position for about 90 minutes.

Trust Nigerians, everything was done late. Wo, I no even fit gist una about the wedding sef. Just glad it went all great. Happy married life to them.

Now to the koko gist. Y’all know how family gatherings are. Everybody wants to know when you are getting married and all that. My family is no exception. Aunties all want to know when I will get married. Ok, the conversation usually goes like this:

Aunty: So, Lady B, when are you getting married?
Lady B: September 2011.
Aunty: 2011 bawo? Why 2011?
Lady B: You asked when I am getting married, and I told you.
Aunty: 2011 ti pe ju o. (2011 is too far)
Lady B: Says who? You asked for when, I told you. Do you want me to move it to 2016?
Aunty: Iwo omo yi, oni pe mi. (You this child, you’ll not kill me)
Lady B: No o, I don’t want to kill you o.
Aunty: So, why 2011? Se oko ni ko si ni? (Is it that there is no man?)
Lady Bi: Aunty, ni America? Ofe ni okunrin o. (Men are free o).
Aunty and Lady B start to laugh. End of discussion.

Now imagine me doing this with ten different aunties. Funny thing is, my parents aint worried. They don’t even bother me, because they know when I am ready, I am ready. Nothing fit stop me. Mounting pressure on me, will not work. Guess my aunts did not get the memo.

I will do another post on why I know I am not ready to get married. Until then, keep well, live well and above all, be happy.

Living and loving my life!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Question of the day.

Question of the day, how do you go about choosing "the one" out of 26?

I'll be back to expatiate.

Living and loving my life. Nothing do you or me!