Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Lets talk about NYSC.

I am yet to serve. I finished college in 2005 and the idea of going to Nigeria to serve for a year, did not come to mind. Now, I am thinking of going into politics later in life. Why you might ask? Because I am tired of sitting on the side and watching these lunatics we call leaders, do nothing. I figure, why not try to get inside and see for myself, what the big deal is. If and when I get there, hopefully I will be allowed to make the necessary changes and not be killed or something. Not to worry, I will get back to you all on the happenings.

Now, on the issue of NYSC, I want to serve in Akwa Ibom or Oyo, definitely no Lagos or Abuja. Lived in Lagos for 20 years. Think I have enough of the state. Abuja is quite expensive, so I heard. I am not trying to go broke, just because I want to serve Nigeria. Why Ak? I have heard a lot of good things about the place, so I guess I can go check it out myself. I love peace and quiet. Hope I’ll get it there. Why Oyo? I am from Oyo State. I intend to start my politics from there. On that, I have a question, if I marry someone from Imo State, and I want to contest for a seat in the house, do I represent my home town or my husband’s?

I could go to the far North, but I hate heat. I passionately hate heat. I refuse to move to the south (Texas, Louisiana and co), just because of the heat. Plateau State, mainly Jos, will be a great place. It’s cool and I have friends there.

If you have gone back home to serve or if you are currently serving, (shout out to Nilla), please kindly share your experience with us. Is it really worth it? I intend to move back to the States when I am done. I do not plan to stay behind in Nigeria. Unless some rich man hook me. Just kidding.

Thanks for stopping by.

Living. Loving? That's questionable at this time. Hopefully tori go change in the next post.