Tuesday, November 18, 2008

34A? 34B? 34C?

Ok, I am officially fat. Yes, I said it, me, lepa shandy is officially an orobo. Ok here is the story:

I got to America some seven years ago. I jumped on the scale and I weighed 135lbs (61.3kg). The reason? I noticed how skinny people come to this country from Nigeria and in about 3 months, they become obese. I wanted to prove my fellow country people wrong. Actually, after about six months of being here, I had people asking me if I wasn't eating the American burger and the likes, cos I was still considered thin.

In college, I worked full time and took 22 credit hours. Now, to most Nigerians 22 credit hours aint nothing, but believe me 22 credit hours as a senior in engineering is no joke. Here, they expect you to spend at least 3 hrs every day on each class. I dropped down to 115lbs (52kg). That is extremely underweight for my height. I stand 5ft 11inches and I have medium bone. My BMI was so low, I had to start consuming more calories just to bring my weight up. After college in 2005, I gained about 5lbs. Then, I moved around a little bit. I did not like my job location, so I moved to another city. Now in the new city and I love my job and my house and all. Here is the problem, I am so in love with my job and all, that I have started to pack on the pounds. Right now, I weigh a whopping 149lbs (68kg), borderline 150lbs. See, I am fat. But therein lies the problem, everyone I know say I am still skinny. I mean, I have gained 15lbs since I got into this country. Now, the ideal weight for my height is about 155-165lbs. I know I still have a long way to get to that, but I am so not skinny!

Now to the title, the weight I have gained, have gone to the right places, if I can say so myself. When I started wearing bra, I started with a size 34A, then I increased it to a 34B now, my people, I wear a 34C. This is so not right. I have a lot of 34Bs, what will I do with them all? Tell me o. Cos I have some really nice 34Bs. Me, I will still squeeze inside them. Norring do me. The rest of the weight went to my butt. I mean, I work in a male dominated place and I could see the stares. It doesn't help that I am black too, in a white environment. I know someone that is not complaining about the booty sha, but me I am o. Now, I can't wear a skirt, without the thing sticking out. I have to even increase my clothe size from a 2/4 to now a 6 or 8, thanks to the booty.

Anyho, its all good. Now I have updated! I had to update, cos I read Oluwadee's blog and she was commenting about "undergarments" (that word just crack me up). What happens to underwear? Britico people never seem to amaze me.

Living and definitely loving. Nothing do you!