Sunday, May 1, 2011


Had dinner with you. Saw fast five as well. Was a good choice. Lots and lots of people stared at you. I mean, you probably weigh as much as two and half of me. It didn't help that I had on a very tight skirt and a ring. Got the "she-must-be-with-him-for-his-money look". Pretty funny how we judge people without knowing anything about them. Life definitely ain't fair.

Seller did not get back to me yet. I just might move in with you. I'll probably know come Monday. I think I am fine with either.

Found the African store. Why the hell was this store so tiny? I mean, come on, it was filled with people, you make money, yet you are cramped in this 10 by 10 space. Nigerians!!! Not sure if I'll go back there, but I might not have a choice. Time will tell.

Great day, I must say.

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